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Mana Barrier

Blitzcrank gains a shield based on his mana when dropping to low health.

Rocket Grab

Cooldown: 20/19/18/17/16

Cost: 100

Range: 1079

Blitzcrank fires his right hand to grab an opponent on its path, dealing damage and dragging it back to him.


Cooldown: 15

Cost: 75

Range: 1

Blitzcrank super charges himself to get dramatically increased Move and Attack Speed. He is temporarily slowed after the effect ends.

Power Fist

Cooldown: 9/8/7/6/5

Cost: 25

Range: 300

Blitzcrank charges up his fist to make his next attack deal double damage and pop his target up in the air.

Static Field

Cooldown: 60/40/20

Cost: 100

Range: 600

Enemies attacked by Blitzcrank are marked and take lightning damage after 1 second. Additionally, Blitzcrank can activate this ability to remove nearby enemies' shields, damage them, and silence them briefly.

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