LoL, League of Legendsのカウンター情報共有所です。対面対策、ランク戦のお供に。

origins and classes


  • Demon

    Demons basic attacks have a 40% chance to burn 20 mana from their target and return mana to the attacker.

    2Return 15 mana back to attacker

    4Return 30 mana back to attacker

    6Return 45 mana back to attacker

  • Dragon

    2Dragons are immune to 75% Magic damage

  • Exile

    1If an Exile has no adjacent allies at the start of combat, they gain a shield equal to a 100% max health.

  • Glacial

    On hit, Glacials have a chance to stun for 1.5s.

    220% chance

    433% chance

    650% chance

  • Hextech

    When combat begins, the ally team launches and detonates a pulse bomb, temporarily disabling nearby enemy items for 5 seconds

    2Within 1 hex

    4Within 2 hexes

  • Imperial

    Imperials deal Double Damage.

    21 random Imperial

    4All Imperials

  • Noble

    Nobles grant +50 Armor and Magic Resist and heal for 30 on hit

    31 random ally

    6All allies

  • Ninja

    Ninjas gain a percentage of Attack Damage.

    11 Ninja only: Ninja gains +50 Attack Damage & Ability Power

    44 Ninjas: All Ninjas gain +80 Attack Damage & Ability Power

  • Pirate

    3Earn up to 4 additional gold after combat against another player.

  • Phantom

    2Curse a random enemy at the start of combat, setting their HP to 100.

  • Robot

    1Robots start combat at full mana

  • Void

    21 Random Void unit deals True Damage.

    4All Void units deal True Damage.

  • Wild

    Attacks generate stacks of Fury (up to 5). Each stack of Fury grants 10% Attack Speed.

    2Wild allies only

    4All allies and their basic attacks can't miss

  • Yordle

    Attacks against ally Yordles have a chance to miss.

    330% chance to miss

    660% chance to miss

    990% chance to miss